Cosmetic Services

Before any procedure, we want you to understand what to expect, and encourage you to ask questions and learn the process to your recovery. Please call us to schedule an appointment for a cosmetic consultation. We offer cosmetic procedures only on Fridays (excludes Laser Hair Removal), so that our patients have the weekend to rest and have some down time.

TCA 35% Chemical Peel

Perfect for treatment of fine lines and wrinkles/ uneven skin tone/melasma.  This peel is intense and requires a week of down time.




Salicylic 30% Chemical Peel

Great for treatment of acne. Requires several peels to achieve desired results. Ideal for a teenage patient who is stubborn about using

medications for acne.





Ideal for the treatment of forehead, crow’s feet and glabella lines.  Lasts 4-6 months





Perfect for treatment of deep lines around the mouth.  Price includes one vial of medication and dental block to numb area to be injected.




Sculptra Aesthetic

Medication used to bring back volume to the face to restore youthful look. Last up to 2 years.  Medication must be mixed one week before appointment.  When you are ready to schedule please kindly pre-pay for the treatment so we can prepare the medication properly before your appointment.




Skin Tags

Please inform the office staff how many tags you would like removed so we can schedule your appointment appropriately.




Seborrheic Keratosis/DPN Removal/Zapping

Dr. Aria uses various methods including electrodessication to remove them.  Price varies, please make an appointment to have Dr. Aria evaluate.



Cosmetic Products

If you are interested in getting your products shipped to you, please download and print the forms below and carefully read before selecting your options. Please fill out, sign the forms below and fax it to our office at (703) 461-7887 so we can process your order.




Laser Hair Reduction

Laser hair reduction is a medical procedure that uses laser light – an intense, pulsating beam of light – to remove unwanted hair. Laser hair reduction works by passing a light beam through the skin. The laser targets dark pigment, called melanin, in hair. When the light beam hits the hair follicle (where hair growth originates), the intense heat destroys the hair follicle instantly.


*Please fill out your new patient Laser Hair Reduction forms before you come in for your consultation.







What to Expect From Your Treatment:


Clients with black coarse hair and fair skinned will have the best results.


During your treatment you can expect slight discomfort, similar to a rubber-band snap on your skin.


You should experience slight redness, bumps, and swelling in the treated area for up to 72 hours. If these conditions persist, topical creams such as aloe, calamine or hydrocortisone may be applied.


Allow 1 week post treatment for hair to “fall out”.


On average, patients experience 20-30% less re-growth after every treatment.


On average, patients experience 70-90% reduction in hair growth after a series of 8-12 treatments.


For best results, maintain a consistent treatment schedule.



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