Nancy Aria MD

Post Visit

Refill Requests:

In order to provide the most efficient service, we ask that you please call the pharmacy to request prescription refills. The pharmacy will fax us your refill request with all the necessary information on it and we will approve it within 24 hours of receiving the request. Please note: if it has been over a year since your last visit, we will be unable to refill the request and ask that you please schedule an appointment.


In the event of a lesion that cannot be removed in the office or requires the MOH’s procedure Dr. Nancy Aria will refer the patient to see a Plastic Surgeon or MOH’s Surgeon for removal. Please note: it is the patient’s responsibility to check that the referred Physician accepts your insurance plan. See below for a list of the recommended Plastic and MOH’s Surgeons. Plastic Surgeon List MOHs Surgeon List

Wound Care:

Post Procedure Care Instructions For a shave biopsy or excision, there is gauze and tape on the site now. You may leave it on until you shower next, preferably tomorrow morning, and then you can replace it with Vaseline and a regular bandage. If you would like to leave it open, that is OK and you may shower normally (no restrictions). We strongly advise you to avoid public pools. After excisions, exercise may be limited depending on the location of your sutures. For example, sutures on the shoulder will limit overhead lifting motions. For pre-canceous areas treated with liquid nitrogen, you should expect these areas to turn red and scab in the next few days. The scab should fall off in the next week or two. You may wash your face and moisturize normally, and it is important that you try to avoid sun exposure. You may use makeup to camouflage the areas if desired.

Instructions to prevent bruising
For any questions involving follow-up care and treatment please feel free to call our office at 703-461-7500 to speak with a medical assistant.